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Jaguar Vs. Jazzmaster Vs. Mustang

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On the subject of the Jagmaster, I mostly like them because they are easily modified relatively cheap offset designs, and rather simple, and are a good alternative to a Les Paul/SG for me, since I'm not a fan of the Les Paul body style from a comfort standpoint, and SGs normally don't have a vibrato on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Also, Jagmasters are easily retrofitted with standard Stratocaster hardware easily without any routing needed, which makes the job of finding upgrades far less tedious, but it also loses some of the character of what the Jaguar and Jazzmaster were all about.

Some of my views on the other Offsets/Shortscales

Musicmaster - I see Musicmasters, except the Squier version, as a mere "blank guitar" to which one can usually add parts as they have extra routing, and I really have no problem with swapping a pickguard to add an extra single size pickup and some crazy switching.

Duo-Sonic - Basically what I'd turn most Musicmaster guitars into. My favorites are the 60's models and the old Mexican ones. The 50's examples are too expensive and rare, and the Classic Vibe ones are too tinny sounding to my ears (Aluminum P.G., bad setup, plus 5K Ohm pickups a warm sound does not make). I don't hate the others, but if I went CV Duo, I'd probably put a new pickguard on it, and some brass saddles to add some warmth to it.

Bronco - One of those mysterious models I've never touched. I've wanted to try out the vibrato and play a Bronco for years, but Broncos are like needles in a haystack.

Swinger/Musiclander - I could see myself turning a mutilated version into a pure shred machine. Fender was really ahead of their time, they basically made a Warlock before B.C. Rich did, it's just they put the wrong pickup in the wrong spot. A Humbucker in the bridge, Mustang Vibrato, and 24" Scale would have made one of these a killer shred machine in the classic sense.

Super-Sonic - I've only ever played one, and the one I played I instantly liked, another pure rock-out burn down the city kind of guitars, and it does not even need one thing changed to do that. I'm hoping Fender/Squier puts these back into production someday.

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When i woz a kurtdsz kid tEh cvrtz wuz st1ll alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



When I was a KuRdtZ kID I wanted a Jaguar long before I had even seen a picture of Kurt playing one. Always thought Jazzmasters were cool #### too, the Jaguar can't beat it's elder who fathered the design.

i hate the jazz master


cos teh kurdizt did'nt play one.

My thoughts exactly.

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