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Got my new mustang...but!

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I got my new leftie sonic blue mustang from Ishibashi yesterday, hurrah!

It's lovely so far, feels a lot smaller and lighter than my Jaguar, in all respects, which is what I wanted as I loved my Jag but it was too much for my small feminine hands heh. The blue is a bit too bright for me, would've preferred the jagstang blue (dolphine? daphne? i dunno) which is lighter, but as a leftie one's options are limited heh.

Two issues have arisen though, firstly the chrome tele knobs I ordered were too big, diameter wise, to fit. At first I was like eurgh, but then with a bit of masking tape around the knobs on the guitar I managed to fit the knobs on and they work fine, at least for now, w/hard stops etc. I'm not a big massager of the knobs mid song so should be fine for me, I also read some tape can help with potential hum so it's not a big deal at the moment.

Secondly, I think Ishibashi sent me the wrong tremolo arm, they sent a right handed arm. Can someone confirm this for me please (sold my Jag a month ago so have forgotten how it was heh).

The arm, when in place, angles away from the guitar body. I.E. it doesn't go down and across, laying parallel to the guitar, it goes up and out so it's a good 4 inches above the body, making it difficult to hold and play. I think this is a rightie bar b/c when I turn it round, i.e. so it's facing backwards, it sits nice and low to the body, i.e. when it's rightie orientated.

Can someone confirm this please so I can get onto Ishibashi for a correct one.


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Er i think the arm is for a RH from what i can gather. The colour should be the same as a J-S but some times depending on the aging or date of issue, slight variations occurr.

You should be able to get hold of a leftie arm on evil bay if you have no luck with your supplier.

btw, any pics?

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Congratulations on your new Mustang!

Not sure if I'm picturing your description of your trem arm correctly, Andrew. But it does sound similar to the way mine fits my old right-handed Mustang.

That is, it sticks out at an angle several inches from the body of the guitar. I expected it would be closer to the body of the guitar and nearly parallel with the strings, right?

I've studied as many photos as I can find, and this outward angle seems pretty typical. I think there's a tool for bending pieces of metal or metal pipes without breaking the metal. Maybe you could custom shape your trem arm.

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