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Fender Mustang Value - can You Help


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Hi folks

I have a very basic problem and any help would be appreciated. An auntie of my wife's died recently and we are clearing her house. To our surprise we found in a cupboard a Fender Mustang which must have belonged to her husband who we knew was a guitar player. It has a serial number of 7615160 which from my reading would mean it is a 1976 model. It has a plain light wood body, maybe maple I'm not sure. I am not a guitar player but it seems to be in good nick apart from a couple of bumps in the wood. It looks like all the pictures I can see on the net of Mustangs. My questions are firstly, how can I be sure I have the genuine article as I understand that copies were made. Secondly, we need a value for probate so I would appreciate a rough idea of what it could be worth.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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foxy is of course right, if you've got a good dealer near you, you could take the mustang there and ask them, they might help.

can you post some pics of the guitar? plain blonde mustangs were made in the 70s, so that sounds correct, and will be quite a bit less worth than a 60s mustang. still, the 70s have become collectable as well, so a lot depends on the condition the guitar is in, if the electronics are still original, etc. ...

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You might ask around your region for the guitar seller or repair person that musicians agree has the most knowledge of vintage guitars. Identifying the exact year of manufacture, condition of the neck, small dings, replaced parts, repairs, or even well-done refinishing takes special skills. And any of these will affect the value.

You can look up in the Vintage Guitar Price Guide what the very best condition Mustang of that year would bring. I believe the value in the USA is now in the $800 to $1000 range, but please don't quote me on that.

Best of luck with your find.

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