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I've started my JS project


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Fender slider switches and their original placing on the pickguard are absolutely horenduos. DO NOT WANT any of these on any of my guitars :-hateit

I don't care for the out-of-phase sound, so the pickup selecting is controled only by the 3-way switch on the lower horn. Toggle FTMFW :twisted:

Oh the demos.... I don't have time or means to record anything at the moment... :cry:

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Great minds think alike, I'm just sayin' :D

I've never tried Mustang trem, but initialy bought one together with the used neck (from the very same guitar).

The stop bar on that trem is very heavy, sorta promising great tone, but the holes for the anchor studs in the main plate were deformed from wild dive bombs and pulls.

Trying to flaten the thick warped Mustang plate meant damaging the chromeplating etc. etc...

I've always wanted a guitar with a third bridge tailpiece and Mustang vibrato doesn't have sufficient string length for any significant resonance, so I went with the Jazz/Jag tailpiece.

I'm not using the vibrato itself I don't even have the handle at the moment.

I could've went with string-thru ferrules, but large routing in the butt of the body and all those metal plates certainly are the special ingredient in the overal tone of the guitar.

As for the 3rd bridge concept, I'm very pleased, behind the bridge section is very live and rings/drones from even slightest tapping, hammer-on/pull-off whatnot on the neck.

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