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I want to throttle whoever did this monstrosity.

Me too I mean, it's a frickn antique.

If it was just purple, it'd be quite hawt. But no... :-hateit:-hateit:-hateit

+1 when will people learn that flames as a design on anything really = very corny.

thanks guys, now i have to clear up the walls where ive #### chundered everywhere..

Well, I did mention the :-hateit you were warned.

Now check out this sweeet Jazzmaster Shirt.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Nirvana-Lefty-Jazzm ... 53dfef190d

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That has to be the most ghastly looking thing i have ever seen. The headstock is particularly revolting and i would't piss on the damn thing if it caught fire. :-hateit

But if it caught fire, it would have a sick looking "burnt" vintage-type paint job and no one would ever know about the flames :lol: !

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if the back of the neck had not been re-fin'd then i could see it being a great project guitar, but as it is.... oh gawd! that is nasty!

I was thinking the same thing. Why does the neck being finished like that ruin that possibility?

i actually have that t shirt . . . :oops:

So do I, and so does Mad-MIke....

I have one too. :lol:

Who else here has a KuRtZzz Stang shirt?????

I have that shirt myself.

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