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What is your favorite setting?

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When using your pedals, what settings do you generally stick them on? What do you think sounds best? Why? I figure that by having a thread that compares pedals and settings, we all might be able to discover some new tones.

Like this:

DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulator


Suck - Just above 9 o'clock

Smear - Just under 11 o'clock

Gunk - fully counter-clockwise (off)

Heave - fully clockwise (100%)

Why?: It results in a bit-crusher like sound that I really enjoy. It's a tad more "metallic" than the standard bit-crusher (thanks to the ring modulator). Another thing I like is that in this setting, you get an excellent tone without too much whining from the internal oscillator. Also, with the knobs set this way, the input matches the output volume wise.

DOD FX91 Bass Overdrive


Level - 8 o'clock

Blend - fully clockwise (100%)

Tone - [N/A] (I change it depending on my mood)

Drive - fully clockwise (100%)

Why?: You get a sweet, grinding overdrive/distortion with virtually no hiss or background noise. The reason I put "N/A" for tone is because it's essentially a treble booster, and the location depends primarily on how much "bite" I want the distortion to have for any given set up. Plus, with that setting, the input matches the output volume wise.

Boss CE-3


Rate - I) 1-3 o'clock

-----II) fully clockwise (100%)

Depth - I) fully clockwise (100%)

--ii--i-II) fully clockwise (100%)

Why?: Well, in mode I (mono-out) you get an excellent smooth chorus sound. Perfectly warm, nice and quiet. Most excellent. In mode II (stereo-out) the sound is a straight up vibrato, like someone is pulling the whammy bar up and down. Really nice, really smooth.

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Danelectro Black Paisley:

Volume: N/A

Treble: Just over halfway

Bass: Maxed, or just under depending of the bassiness of the Amp

Distortion: Maxed (Of course :lol: )

Mid Switch: Scooped

Sub Octave: Off for Rhythm and some lead, On for Rocket-y leads and noise

Danelectro FAB Chorus:

Depth: 100%

Speed: 0%

Mix: 100%

Yes, I love Danelectro. :-D

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Vox Big Ben (w/ NOS Mullard ecc83 instead of stock EH ecc82):

Volume about 1 o'clock

Tone somewhere between 1 and 2 o'clock

Gain about 4 o'clock (just shy of full)

Must be in combination with Eh Double Muff in front of it, single mode, volume/ gain at 2 o'clock.

Through my Selmer, it is the sound of pure testosterone.

Op-amp Big Muff:

Volume at 11 o'clock

Tone bypassed

Sustain full

Danelectro Tuna Melt tremolo:

Speed at 3 o'clock

Toggle switch set to "soft"

Depth at 2 o'clock


Level at 11 o'clock

Feedback at 2 o'clock

Delay time at 11 o'clock

Set to "long" mode

BYOC Phase Royal:

Depth full

Speed at 11 o'clock

Resonance at 1 o'clock

Mix at 1 o'clock

Toggle set to 6 phase stages

I would give settings for my Holiest Grail, except you'd need to know what the pre-sets are, and creating your own sounds on it is a bit bewildering.

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Yes, I love Danelectro. :-D

You are a wonderful person!

Thank you, but of course, you all knew that already. :lol:

When my Dano Cool Cat Fuzz was still working, it would be:

Volume: As loud as I could stand

Fuzz: Maxed

Tone: Just over halfway

It didn't need any other pedals to sound massive, it was so good. I miss it. :cry:

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I own but one pedal, a Livingstone (yeah, I've never heard of them either) E10 MT "Heavy Metal" pedal. I use the pedal almost exclusively with the neck humbucker on my Jagmaster. Sometimes with the bridge humbucker, and NEVER with single coils, because it just gets too noisy.

Volume - 12:00

Tone - 10:30

Gain - 12:00

I also have another setting I like to muck around with which is to keep the volume at midnight, max out the tone, dial the gain right down. Gives a great sound like playing through an old portable cassette player. Sounds even better with a tiny bit of reverb on it.

edit: I wrote 'tone' twice in the same sentence, meaning it made no sense. Fix'd

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Danelectro tuna melt

hard mode

speed : 2-3 0'clock

Danelectro corned beef

Mix : full

Hi cut : none

Digitech Whammy

Harmony mode:

(5th-6th) or (4th-5th) or (3rd-3rd)

And play with it like a tremolo bar

I also use the (oct-oct) very often

Whammy mode:

They're all good !

Dive bomb and Drop tune are great for tremolo effect.

Even better when pluged into two amps

Boss ds-2:

Level : 11 or 1 o'clock

tone : 9 to 11 o'clock

gain : 11 o'clock or max

Artec analog delay:

Time : about 10 or 3 to 4 o'clock

Mix : 1 o'clock

Repeat : more than 2 o'clock

Behringer vintage phaser:

I don't really use it

Boss loop station rc-20:

I plug everything in and make loops that never end

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My usual settings on the pedals on my board...

Digitech Whammy

Control Knob - Half Step Down, 5th/4th, and Major/Minor 3rds are what I use the most

BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter

Speed = all the way down

Level = all the way up

Key = E or D, major or minor

Pitch = 1 octave down

Modes = Trem Flutter (used for a vibrato), Whammy (used for dive bomb and temporary bass-range notes), and Harmonist (non-intelligent) are the settings I use most

Zvex Fuzz Factory

I'm going to have to load up a PDF of all the presets I use, as I use a LOT of them on this pedal, and change around a lot depending upon what amp or guitar I'm using, as the Fuzz Factory's versatility is beyond insane. Since I'm at work right now, I'll add it later.

Crybaby Classic Wah

It's either on, or off, usually off, since I seldom use a wah wah pedal.

EHX Stereo PolyChorus

Another pedal I have a TON of settings for. Between this and the Fuzz Factory, I could write a book. But typically, I have it set like this...

Mode = Chorus

Depth = 7:00

Rate = 7:00

Delay = off

Rate = Off

Sometimes I will turn the delay on for a slapback effect (ie. the reggae song one of my bands plays). The Delay is also what I use to do motorcycle noises in conjunction with the feedback knob (usually set to max and turned down to cut the noise off).

Behringer PH-9 Phaser

I'm usually going for an early Van-Halen phaser sound here. Sounds incredible with the Jaguar.

Swirl = Off

Speed = 9:00

DOD FX-75B Stereo Flanger

Delay = halfway

Rate = 7:45

Width = halfway

Regen = halfway

Mind that I also did modify the pot for the LFO sweep, making the Regen slightly more extreme, turned all the way up, the flanger's upswing sounds like a pressure washer against metal siding (he,he,he).

Behringer DD400 Digital Delay

Level = Halfway

Feedback = 7:00

Time = 10:30

Mode = 500ms Delay

This is for the really fast delay I use on solos to get this twisted "semi-reverse-guitar" thing going on. It's basically the same effect EVH uses on cathedral, and Brad Gillis used on the intro to Night Ranger's "Rumors in the Air", except at different tempos, I've found I can apply it differently, especially at slower tempos, I can make some really extreme and complex rhythmic changes during a solo using this effect.

I'm beginning to think I need to make a sysex file thread for the digital devices some of us use, as I do most of my programming of my non-pedal effects (Behringer V-Amp Pro, and Behringer Virtualizer Pro) though the computer using MIDI, and backup my presets using the MIDI functions.

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