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I traded my Ibanez Jetking and Swollen Pickle for:

RE 20

when i lived in canada, these were over $300 new. I don't wanna think of what they are here in Oz. It's not all I hoped it would be, cool and all, but not blown away.

Echo park

didn't think I'd be into it and would just sell/trade for something else. but I'm really impressed, I like that you can switch between tape, digi and analog, and have the swell, reverse, ducking...so you can have reverse-tape...analog-ducking...swell-tape ect ect.

Holy grail plus


Marshal Vibratrem

won't use it a whole bunch, but still pretty decent, I like the vibe on real slow

1976 Ibanez Phasetone

not much into phase or modulation, still love old Ibanez stuff. sounds nice for what it is.

only beef I have, there's no power jack.

Subdecay Stupidbox

this is the prize of the bunch. I just thought " ya, overdrive, whoopdedoo" cuz I love the Jekyll&Hyde. but this thing is awesome. almost matches my tube amps OD channel, and has more sustain. ...AND there's a switch and bass and treble and mids trimpots inside the box.

think I got a real decent score. I'm gonna play with this stuff throughout the week and see what stays and what goes.

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I'm not too big on reverb.

I had the holygrail sandwiched between the RE20 and echopark. it hummed like a mofo.

I thought the reverb in the RE20 sucked, so I turned down the reverb on it and put the holygrail after the RE20. The hum is gone, and the reverbs sound better now.

I been playing around with the echo park and RE20 in parallel, not sure if I'm into it yet.

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