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NEW delay pedal

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It looks like this company is taking the chips from the DD and RV series and putting them both into one case. AND 4 presets for the whole thing!!!!!

Plus this thing has the reverse reverbs, gated, and modulated. instead of getting a RV-5 just for modulated and gated and then having to buy a Digiverb for reverse... You get this! and it's got analog sims, tape, modulated, and sound on sound!

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It looks #### horrible. :lol: What the #### is that around the stomp switch? And the dual concentric pots are ugly.

The delay sounds very bright and quite dead sounding, the delays are typically digital sounding. The oscillations are ####e.

The reverbs are pretty ####e. The spring was horribly characterless, and the reverbs lacked warmth. The reverse setting was ####ty.

With both delay and reverb it can do decent soundscapey kinda stuff, although that doesn't really require brilliant toanz in all honesty, it just requires a nice mess of sound and layers.

I hope this doesn't become the next Malekko Ekko 616 and get suggested every 3 seconds (although I actually like the sounds of the 616... >.>)

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I'd care. :lol: There are some really #### ugly pedals out there, and some really #### cool ones.

I spent over 30 minutes watching demos and listening to clips I could find, yesterday. Nice idea, shame it doesn't actually sound that good when not in a soundscapey setting.

It's $50, if anyone is interested.

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