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My Jaguar kinda back to stock, kinda not

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I recently decided to get my Jag back to looking a bit more stock.

A couple of years ago I stuck some P90s in it, and whilst they sounded amazing, especially in series, part of me wanted to go back to that true single coil sound. Obviously the CIJ pups suck balls and I didn't like the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder too much when I tried that, so I contacted Bareknuckle and got Tim to rewind my CIJ pups to my chosen spec.

I still wanted a really big fat bridge pup that could handle heavy distortion well so I went for a Sinner wind. Bring on the BRUTALZ!!!

I wanted something more vintage sounding for the neck and so I asked for a Mother's Milk wind and my god I could not be happier. The bridge has plenty of bass and sounds big and fat whilst still retaining that true single coil sound. The neck is just pure awesomeness, so articulate, very mellow.

I got a new CIJ guard off the bay and at the same time, I wanted to get a 3-way selector switch in there as I've never got on with switching pups on the fly with the stock ones. The remaining slider switch by the 3-way puts the pickups in or out of phase.

Anyway, without further ado here are some before and after pics...:





Random headstock shot:









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That's awesome. I've got one of Tim's Riff Raff humbuckers in my SG, they're staggeringly good pickups. Want to put some of his Holydivers in that guitar sometime soon. And I actually very nearly got him to rewind my old CIJ pickups in my Jag too, but ended up going a different direction.

Glad to see another happy BK user though. :)

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Cheers, like you said they are staggeringly good. I've got BKPs in nearly all my guitars now:

Jag - as above

Strat - Trilogy Suite set

LP - Rebel Yell set

LP - Nailbomb/Mississippi Queen

Jag-Stang - Miracle Man bridge

They are all brilliant!

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