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I have recently bought a HH jaguar Japanese model, can someone please tell me what colour it is and anything about it, I can't find any reference to this colour online anywhere, Serial number suggests it was made in 1993-1994 (P063288) which again I have no clue on as I thought the HH series were relatively new.

I have taken a few Photos in natural light and indoors to give some idea of the colour, It is a light lime Metallic Greeny shade?????????

thanks for any help you can lend.







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Looks like Shoreline Gold from the pics, but I'm not sure.

Thanks mate, but it aint Shoreline gold, it is Green...maybe Chartreuse, as wikipedia describes it, "Halfway between Yellow and Green"...It is Metallic too, was hoping someone owned one too!

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Only the Black model has the word Special on the headstock mate, the other colours I've seen have the "Offset Contoured Body" decal on them...It's not a refin' trust me on that.

oh right...... i dunno then.

i've seen the red burst and sunburst b4 but never the gold/green, it is a top guitar and must be super rare prolly worth holding on to.

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I am now completely lost for any info on this guitar, I have written to Fender in the UK and they have passed my email around the office to gaping mouths and gasps of wonder....but nobody there knows the colour name either, I have been in touch with a chap who sells old Catalogs on ebay who after searching through his stash told me it was Vintage Gold Which I refuse to believe, it is so green in the flesh it's Kermit-esque!!!!


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For anyone still wondering this website calls it metallic green.


I have the same guitar and was told it was gold top, but i doubt that was correct. ALSO this is not a jaguar Special. It is a straight up Jaguar HH.

Funny thing is, according to the serial numbers mine was made right after his:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/batzautogu ... 382143922/

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