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sum new mods to my jag HH.....H

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had taken my guitar to my local guitar tech to have it modded for coil splitting a while back only to have it messed up beyond recognition, cos of this i decided to rewire it my self, this being the result.

the neck and bridge have seymour duncan triple shot mounting rings for coil splitting /series/ parallel, the middle pickup is one of the stock pickups (for now) and i added a kill switch on the rhythm section next to the lead/ rhythm swich other than that it's wired basically the same as before with obvious cosmetic changes like comp stripes and new control plates to hold the extra switches.

with all the new switching options i can get lots of sounds from really thin scratchy type stuff to really grunty humbucker stuff, i'll get sum better pics up later wen i get sum batteries for my camera


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the sounds it can get vary lots because of the switches for series parralell etc but it's mostly very heavy sounding. with all three humbuckers on it sounds really thin and tinny tho, definately not a regular jag sounding jag.

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