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New guy in need of some help and advice

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Hello all,

Im Dan an im from the South west of England and i play a Fender Jaguar re-issue. I love the feel ans shape of this guitar but i have had one MAJOR problem which i havent found a solution for in the 5 years iv had it.....THE BRIDGE!!

Firstly the orginal buzzed constantly then the little grub screws kept coming loose causing all sorts of problem and hand injuries so i got a tune-o-matic type bridge which i prefer and enjoy using alot more. HOWEVER....

The low E string doesnt sit well in the saddle grove and without fail jups out whilst playing live as the bandd i play in are relitivly heavy and energetic. Iv tried filing the slot a bit deeper but didnt make much difference. I use ernie ball regular gauge strings aswell.

Can anyone recommend me a decent TOM bridge that will keep the strings in place!!

Cheers guys



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Welcome Dan, is that a Black Flag tatoo i spy?

It seems your problem is more the saddles than the actual bridge. Im surprised filing a deeper slot has'nt worked.

There's a few options;

1/ Increase the string angle over the saddles either by using a 'buzzstop' or shimming the neck and hiring the bridge.

2/ Or try different saddles, maybe roller saddles

3/ Try a Mustang bridge

4/ Try a 'Mastery' bridge.

Personally i'd try them in that order too, each option gets more expensive!

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hello Fran

Yeah it sure is a Black Flag tattoo. One of the best bands ever in my eyes!

Cheers for the options, i think that perhaps getting a new saddle and try to deepen it a bit better. I dont like the sound of increasing prices!!! They make me nervous haha

Would it be worth using smaller guage strings perhaps?

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Most people recommend heavy gauge strings because of increased pressure on the bridge. I've always used 10s but im not really a basher when i play.

Definitely try filing the slot deeper whilst keeping an eye on the string height, if you go too deep the E string could 'choke out' when you string bend.

+1 on Black Flag. Our drummer has the same tat.

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Yeah it sure is a Black Flag tattoo. One of the best bands ever in my eyes!

I like you. You're okay in my book.

Mastery bridge is probably your best bet. Also, I recommend .013-.056 gauge strings (Jazz Medium, in D'addario jargon). I use 'em, and I've never had a problem with knocking them out of tune.

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Well, my Jaguar had an ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic filed for the fretboard radius when I bought it (I took it off and went to the stock bridge because that's what I prefer, to each his own). The ABR-1 style seems to be the best choice of TOM on a Jaguar because the saddles are really thick, so the lower string slots in the saddles can be cut REAL deep if needed. I never had string slippage problems with the ABR. The stock bridge I curbed them by doing the same (and installing a shorter screw) on the low E.

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