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looking to trick out my 65 mustang RI

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hey, first time poster so bear with me....

So, i've decided i want to trick out my 65 mustang RI. I would like to throw in some screaming pickups, like some super distortions maybe?, also, what type of super distortion would i need. I would like to possibly install a gotoh tuneomatic bridge also....? i read somewhere that i may need a Nashville wide tuneomatic?

any thoughts on what i should do to my guitar?, i play grunge, punk ect....

also, any comments on what pickups i should get, or style bridge i should get are welcome.........


this is what mine looks like now...

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Well if he wants to have a good tone for Grunge/Hard-Rock etc. i would recommend eighter a: Seymour Duncan JB, or a DiMarzio Super Distortion.

I have a full-size Seymour Dunan JB TB-4 in my Mustang because i dislike hot rail pickups in the bridge position. And to tell you the truth: my Mustang is the best sounding guitar i have so far. (i still have the neck single coil in the neck position because i really like the cleans from it. sounds even better then a clean Strat in my opinion) :P

My ''MIM Fender Strat'' is getting a DiMarzio XN2 humbucker in the bridge at the moment, but i don't really know what it sounds like in real life....... :lol: So i shall give you a opinion once i have it. :wink:

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