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Michael Yonkers has to rank among American rocks most intriguing eccentrics. His adolescent obsession with garage and surf eventually developed into a fascination with gadgetry that would inform his bands dynamic brand of rock primitivism but also indirectly cause him years of health problems. Recording with his own modified guitar (a sawed-down Telecaster he still plays today) and homemade effects, Yonkers released five little-heard albums on his own label in the mid 1970s. But then in 1971, he broke his back in an accident at the electronics factory where he worked; years of surgery and an allergic reaction to dye used in X-rays caused a degenerative spinal condition which Yonkers now treats through dance. Now in his 50s, Yonkers is a prominent figure in the Minneapolis dance community for years and he occasionally still plays live music as well.

Recorded in 1968 when Yonkers was still a teenager, Microminiature Love provides another link between the dirty swagger of 60s garage and the angry hallucinations of 70s punk. The records incredibly cruddy production style (it sounds like it was recorded straight to tape in an echoey basement) recalls Stooges outtakes, while its dark, dissonant rhythms and zany flavor presage Pere Ubu. With its cheap guitar pyrotechnics, layers of distortion and weird effects, and Yonkerss gloomy vocals, Microminiature Love was the kind of album that would have driven Lester Bangs into fits of frothy-mouthed ecstasy.
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:lol: that's coincidentally the ONLY song I've ever heard by that guy. Cool lyrics, singing slightly reminds me of Jell-o Biafra, but the instrumentals parts were too boring for me to really want to listen to the rest of the album, though it was a bonus tracks album so I guess I really haven't experienced his music. There was another double neck jag I saw floating around on another forum, I think it was offsetguitars if I'm not mistaken, it was sparkley red/blue/white. Really, not all that cool, but the guy playing it certainly was. He dressed much like a nine year old who wanted to be a magician.
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