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Alrighty, I've been constipated to the point of lack of sleep with these problems, my eyes are burning, but maybe that's just from the lead in the solder from the removal of parts to substitute others and constant part swapping as I anxiously await new pieces to make their arrival at my door step. Of all the wiring problems, the ones from the new Jazzy are killing me!! I've fixed most of them, however I'm having one final problem that I just cannot figure out myself. The bridge pup just doesn't want to work, I was fiddling with the ground wire, jiggled it around, and suddenly it burst into life, in the right position it worked fine. So I cut it short, thinking the wires must have broken somewhere in that area I was fooling around with it, and soldered it once more into the pup. Still it won't work, I jiggled the ground wire around trying to find that sweet spot, but apparently that was a once in a life time thing. I took the ground plate from under the bridge pup and stuck between the toggle switch/aluminum plate under the pick guard and it works awesomely. The only idea I can fathom conjuring up is, the ground wire was broken somewhere along the way? So I just tried to put a different one in to do the job, still nothing....unless I put the copper plate in that extra special spot :-tired

Think I'll try and replace the other wire next. If that doesn't work, I really don't know what the "frack" to do aboot it other than create a copper ring and attach it to the base of the toggle switch and ground the pup to it :lol:

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Alrighty. I guess I'm just gonna vent on here cos I know I wont get answers cos it's impossible to diagnose the problem w/out dealing with it in person. Since I got these Antiquity pups back from Seymour Duncan not long ago I've been determined to get this done...I've been trying as much as I can. Thought I'd try to get it to work with the SJM pups first as they don't have those stupid copper wires on the corner of the pickups rubbing against the plastic cover thus making them useless if you remove them from the cover.

So I open it up, try to get it to work with the SJM pups. Last I had it wired, it worked almost 100%, but like clockwork, every time I open this bitch up the problematic situation shifts. Now for some reason now it makes no sound at all in any switched position. I had made the mistake of taking both the ground/active wire out of one of the pickups of the SJM pups. Don't know which one, but I tried them backwards and vice versa on each. Still. Nothing.

So I try with my Antiquity pups. Still. Nothing. I used to be able to touch the grounding plates at least and get sound I don't get this anymore...

I've REWIRED this bastard two times. By this I mean, I used a new batch of wires, new solder whatever. I know for a fact that it is wired correctly. You don't wire something, look at the diagram 1000000000000000 times and f u c k it up, especially when you check it another 10000000000000000 times after you finish doing it, unless of course you are stupid, which I am sometimes, but not 10000000000000000 times in a row. I've had it looked at more than ten times by other people who aren't so much into wiring guitars, but have worked with soldering a lot, they know what to look for when it comes to problems with such things. The electronics ARE correctly soldered together. The soldered connections are sturdy, they do not budge, and they are shiny. Everyone who has checked it for me says, "looks good." No wires exposed, electrical tape right up to the soldered joint to avoid any wires crossing/hum/whatever. I have even sprayed it with an electrical cleaning solvent.

So I NEED to know how I can tell if an electronic unit is broken (that means: toggle/slide switch, pots or input). Thanks.

My only other idea is, maybe the Antiquity pickups came back still broken? Think they would do that? I would like to think they test them before they mail them back. But then wouldn't it work w/ the SJM's? I seriously need some help with this. I'm afraid if I keep failing with this I'm going to throw this thing out the window, and I really don't want to have wasted the dough on this just for it to end up broken from a 40 foot fall.

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I recommend these, sorry i haven't been able to help at all....

-wire it up, grab a multimeter, and check everything is working (dont have a clue how you do this, mcpedo should know.)

-wire pickups straight to output, are you sure they're working?

-take it to a shop and get them to wire it, then if they can't do it something must be wrong and if they can't do it the first time they'll work it what (as its their responsibility)

if all these fail, then i vote you replace everything...

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Alrighty. This has been a long tedious process. The pickups initially were broken, frayed wires...I sent em back to Seymour, got em back in the mail, "as is." But the wires weren't frayed, I took that to mean, they were functional. I tried to get it to work by myself again, didn't take. I took it into the guitar shop, left it with them for 1 month and 3 weeks, and a couple of days. They told me the pickups were junk. I decided to toss them into my simple Jazzmaster, they work fine. So I wired my Red Jazzy like my Green Jazzy. All its set up to use is Volume/Tone/3 way switch. It doesn't work. I used all 3 sets of pickups on it, it just wont work. I traded out the 3 way switch, gave it another go. Still doesn't work.

I'm going to try and switch the volume pots tomorrow. If this doesn't work, does anyone have any ideas just based on this paragraph here? What else could it be, tone...input? I really hope I get this finished soon. 4 months or so...whoa.

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yeah, check each switch with a multimeter, check the pots are working properly. It should be pretty easy to work out. If you get about 8000 ohms reading, you know you're getting ground-hot, if you get 0, then you've got a short, 6000 ohms or whatever it is should be your neck pickup.

Will have to do this! Just surprised the guitar shop didn't notice anything wrong w/ any of the parts....If I were superstitious I'd say this guitar was cursed when it was sold to me.

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