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General Q/A for players hoping to emulate Kurt's Sound

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Me-"Doctor i think im sick"

Doctor-" How do you feel? what are your symptoms?"



Me-" I have DM PAF and a DM Super Distortion on my Jagmaster"

those pups are way better then the stock pups i had on my jag....i remember hearing paul gilbert say he had a paf on the neck and a super d on the bridge. also randy rhoads had this combination. i also have this combination, that i really like. does this mean i have tEh kUrtDzzZ?

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Actually on the reading DVD he plays strats for most of the show!

Kurts sound(s) are varying. His later live sound was mesa rack amps a lot contrary to whats on the net (you can see them in some pictures). also some other brand rack amps. his recorded sound was mesa,fender,vox and a combination of these. there's a lot of double tracking on nevermind and that in combination with the small clone and using two different amps gives it its full, powerfull and sometimes watery sound.

You can emulate his recorded sound a lot easier and cheaper than his live sound as live he was running thru tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and a P.A.

Bleach, and in utero are the easiest to emulate and any good distortion pedal and a twin reverb can get you that sound.

Guitars are the least important factor. providing theres a HB in the bridge and a single coil in the neck for the clean songs like 'about a girl' and 'poly' etc (all neck p.up) almost any guitar will do but you will get closer with a HB jaguar and or mustang.(in conjunction with other equipment as it all adds up).

His EQ setting played a big factor too, very heavy on the mids...between 7-10, amp depending.

Kurt used 10-52 strings, i highly doubt he gave a sh!t what brand they were. he also used orange .60mm tortex picks. Pick thinkness/hardness changes your sound quite a bit,more so than you would think.

Some good sources for his equipment are the 'live at reading', 'nevermind', and

'live! tonight! sold out!' DVDs. Butch vig on the nevermind DVD gives absolutely essential info for anyone interested in kurts equipment on the nevermind album.

If you do achieve his sound, I'd suggest you alter it somewhat to create your own sound! :-D

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