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1971 Fender Music Master Build-Up (Currently Painting)

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After months of mulling it over, I decided to take the plunge and pick up that 71' Musicmaster body and Neck that has been at Tommy's for a long time (the one that cropped up after I got the 66' Mustang).


So I've got some ideas, but it'll be a bit before I decide, I figued, do like I did with the Jazzmaster and let people post their thoughts. I'll start accumulating the parts BEFOREHAND this time and then posting videos of the guitar's assembly and repair.


#1 - Restore the guitar to what it was originally - It was originally a Red 71' Musicmaster. Which means single neck pickup, 2 250K pots, pickguard, control plate, vintage 3-saddle bridge, and use conversion bushings on the headstock as the tuner holes have been drilled for larger diameter holes.

#2 - Same color as my 66' Mustang, but with pearloid, and white EMG Active pickups, and wiring like my Jag-Stang. This could be pretty cool.

#3 - A Kurtified version - SD JbJr in the bridge under a Mustang cover, stock Mustang wiring, 6 saddle Duo-Sonic style bridge, red pearloid pickguard.

#4 - The most ambitious (and expensive) - The "Stealth-Sonic" - Basically, I crossed the idea between a Maurauder and a Duo-Sonic together and came up with this crazy idea. Instead, I would have LARGE bobbins that take up the whole pickup cavities under the pickguard, and stick some high power Ferrite magnets in there (like Peavey and G&L used in the 80's). Around those magnets I would wind a HUGE sum of super thin pickup wire to drive them up to Metal-Style Humbucker output levels (think 10-20K Ohms resistance, if possible), and do a possible boost with a preamp or miniscule on-board (if needed). It would mean purchasing one of those Winding Machines from Stew Mac, but I'm more than confident that I could do it, I did wind my first Single Coil when I was 15......by HAND (took 3 days off and on)..so winding by machine will be a breeze.

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After months of mulling it over, I decided to take the plunge and pick up that 71' Musicmaster body and Neck that has been at Tommy's for a long time (the one that cropped up after I got the 66' Musta

I vote for #2.

Does a musicmaster or mustang body cost alot?

am thinking about to sell my stratocaster body for a mustang/musicmaster body.

You could probably snag a vintage duo sonic body for cheap, it's essentially the same as the musicmaster body, but with two pickup routes.

Actually, a lot of Musicmasters had 2 pickups bodies, this one does. Fender stopped making 2 pickup bodies for the MM in the 70's (or so I'm told), which I guess started when they started using computer guided routing on their guitars, which was most likely just the Mustang "program" with the second pickup rout and trem rout removed.

I just stripped the body down, looks like it's made of poplar most likely. VERY heavy on the fullerplast, especially the back. Definatley a candidate for an opaque finish.



And here's a map of the guitar's history hidden under all that paint....it's sort of like an Archeological dig.


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did you already decided which color it's gonna have?

The "Skystang" idea is getting pushed pretty hard......

1.) Spence is REALLY pushing for it

2.) 2 votes here for it

3.) I can get the paint right here in town for CHEAP - http://www.krylon.com/products/indooroutdoor_paint/ - Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and such all carry this color, which would be PERFECT for the Kurt-Stang style guitar.

As far as the pickups go, if I'm going Kurt-Stang on this thing, the neck pickup will be a Seymour Duncan Antiguity, and the Bridge will be a Seymour Duncan JB Jr hidden under a stock Mustang pickup cover (this design is supposed to be a a smoothed out version of what Kurt was using on the In Utero tour).

I saw something cool on youtube the other day, an 84' B.C. Rich Mockingbird, and it has this chickenhead knob on it that changes the midrange sound on a rotating switch....I might actually adopt this in place of the regular tone control. He demonstrates it around 4:15. Only problem is finding a schematic for it. Paired up with a coil split in the bridge position and phase on the neck this could be quite versitile in a very unique way.


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By spence, you mean mr soderblom? He added me on fb, and I kinda agree with him.

That's where it's at. I took some influence from facebook and over there that seems to be the same concensus as well as over here, I have quite a few friends from on here on facebook. Plus that Ocean Breeze Krylon I will be using seems to be sticking in my mind for awhile now.

1.) Patio + Old method - 2-3 coats a night, late in the evening, when it's cold, when everyone else where I live is asleep.

2.) My drummer MIGHT be willing to let me paint in the backyard during rehearsals, but I would need to ask about it before I go that route.

3.) I could MAYBE find the same sort of color in a brushable format, which would be better in my case because I can always sand out the brush strokes, it'll take longer, but it'd be worth it.

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I vote eighter number: 2 or 4. (i kinda like the idea of the Stealth one so the pickups don't get noticed so quickly) :P

But it's your M Master, so do what you like. :wink:

I may still do the stealth thing with it as that's the oldest design, that one will take awhile though because I'll be picking up a tool I've been wanting for awhile - a pickup winder. I've been wanting to get into building my own pickups because then I could actually complete some other projects around here without spending an arm and a leg on commercially made pickups, and I have my own means to do wax-potting (Loreal Wax Bath, works great), and I could even go as far as to make my own bobbins and stuff, and maybe even create some weird active pickups using those parts from GuitarFetish.

Also I'll have to get a Mustang pickguard with no pickup holes

Did you already worked on the MM?

Yeah, the body is stripped, I'll need to sand some more before I start refinishing it. THe Ocean Breeze paint looks cool, though now I also might go fot the LPB paint I have already, because all I'd need to pay for is the primer. So the color thing is still up in the air ATM since I'm working out how I'm going to do it.

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More pics of the stripped body - this is the progress so far

The black dots are for marking where the ORIGINAL holes for the pickguard, bridge, and control plate are, so I can get everything in the right spot, and know what holes to fill.







I've got some sanding to smooth the body out to do, and then it's time for primer.

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y did nobody try to stop him? Well I think it looks epic in its current state as well and should not be refin'd and just left as is. But it's Mike's guitar not mine, so he can do what he wants with it.... look forward to the end result even though I personally thought it was great before

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