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Holy Freaking Crap! This Dude's Pedal Collection Is Crazy!!!

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If i had all of those, I wouldnt get a job and would make a museum of them, and play them in the evenings >.>

Lets combine all our pedals together and do just that.

Nice ass collection. Wow. I want to try that TBD or whatever it was and the Probe/theremin-like pedals. Oh and the motor tremolo.

His pedals really don't look used. So maybe they are going to waste as Richie says.

He does kinda seem like a twat.

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well they clearly would

They clearly wouldn't :lol:

There are loads of PS-3s around and changing hands regularly. They aren't rare.

The Axis Fuzz is still in production, anyone can buy them, they aren't that expensive, and aren't incredibly sought after, unless vintage. Which yours isn't.

There are #### loads of HM-2s around, and they're just a pretty crappy Boss pedal with a lot of rather unworthy hype surrounding them, as proven here...

The people who are paying inflated prices for black box russian muffs are true n00bs. >_<

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