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switch problem after Hot Rail wiring issue


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After good advices on this forum I decided to install a Hot Rail in the bridge of my Mustang.

And it sounds as I wanted it to sound, so I'm very pleased but I have one problem.

Wired it as follows:

red and white soldered and taped.

black were black was

green were white was

and the ground wire grounded to the bridge

Everything seems fine but I don't get any sound when the bridge switch is put to the left/front (out of phase position)...

If I change the green and black wires, the right/back position (in phase position) doesn't work and only the one mentionned above seems to work. SO it ain't the switch itself...

There doesn't seem to be any loose wire anywhere...

Does anybody have a clue what to do or try 'cause I can't seem to find it.

Thanks to everyone for any advice

P.S.: sorry for the long explanation but I'm not English and couldn't explane it otherwise

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