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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum- be gentle :wink:

I was thinking of maybe switching the stock pickups in my Jag HH Special from the MIJ Dragsters to something else. Has anybody got any recommendations? I'm hoping to get something that can handle some high gain, but still have a really lush clean.

I was thinking a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB in the bridge and a SH-2n Jazz for the neck.

I'm really not clued up on this sort of thing, that's why I need some advice!

Is this a stupid idea? :roll:

Also.... does anyone else have this issue with the volume pot for the lead circuit- unless it's turned to max it completely kills the clean tone, thoughts?



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I'm mainly a rhythm guitarist, so something that'll can handle a lot of gain if I need it. I don't play any metal, but often quite heavy melodic rock.

I find I'm getting feedback issues with the Dragsters, I have a Decimator and stand far from my amp etc etc and that just about contains it. I'd also like a really lush clean as I play a lot of post-rock, I'm pretty demanding tone-wise! So was hoping the Seymour Duncans would be pretty versatile.

Getting pickups that are less prone to feedback would be a big plus...

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amp is a big factor.

The set you are talking about dropping in is one of the most versatile sets out there as far as big manufacturers go. It will give you lots of diverse tones. A good friend of mine has the set in his double fat strat and w/ a coil tap he gets an unbelievable range of sounds. He plays everything (and I mean everything) from chicken pickin' country to heavy metal sounds and it's all very believable thru this guitar.

oh and BTW...your avatar makes you instantly cool in my book :-D

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