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I'm not feeling my Lace Sensor Gold in the neck position mainly because it whistles like a horny college frat guy. I have been on the waiting list for a Lace Sensor Silver RW for about a month and that date seems to keep getting pushed back. I'm getting impatient and thinking about just going with a Lindy Fralin Blues Special. Has any one had luck with them? He makes them specifically for the Mustangs and they are reverse wound, he also mentions on the strat page that he can give a 2% extra or less wind. Lindy Fralin is pretty unknown to me and I'm just wondering if this is a good call or if I should wait for the Silver to try. I just want a nice clean/mild pick up in the neck that wont squeal and act all pissy on me. Will the Blue Special fit the bill?

TL:DR - I'm not feeling my Lace Sensor Gold and thinking of changing to a Silver RW but because they are back ordered I am looking into getting a Blues Special for my neck position for cleans and keeping my Red Lace Sensor for the bridge/fuzz/overdrive. Suggestion?

Sorry for being long and drawn out but this is just been taking a lot of my time dealing with problem pickups.

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Let me start by saying I've never played fralin pups but I can tell you the best sounding strat I've EVER played had his pickups. I'm not 100% sure but I think they were tx specials.

Don't know if this helps but that's my opinion.

Oh & it maybe helpful to say that I am NOT a fan of lace pickups. They sound...fake to my ear unless played thru a very VERY nice tube amp & at that point most pups can sound good :-D

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