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distortion pedals, whats out there?

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right, time for new post.

ive been listening to nirvana recently, properly for like the first time ever, (holy sh*t i know!!!) i never really bothered before cause id either heard all the singles 100000000 times before or was too young to really appreciate the early/rare stuff and i'm getting a liking for the simple distortion on/off technique, and just pedal distortion in general as opposed to marshall/mesa patches.

i'm strongly considering getting an upgrade to my digitech rp50, like the 155 series as that has a bunch of stomp boxes and also it means i can cross breed it with my old one for like duel layer stuff, which is kind of not the question but anyway,

tell me what you ppl know about distortion pedals, what do you like?

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So I'm not sure if you are asking about distortion pedals in general or for nirvana pedals? I'm not going to talk about nirvana cause there Is enough crap about that here.

My fav for high gain stuff is an M I Audio Crunch Box! It's seriously like having an extra amp on your board & that extra amp will add super thick gain but still sound like an amp. Don't get me wrong its pretty much a 1 trick pony but oh how well it does that trick!!!

Next would be an OCD but its just short on gain for me, which doesn't mean I don't have one. I just think that it does a better job on its lower gain settings.

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so far answers have been kinda boutique pedals

I don't think you can go wrong with a simple MXR Dist+

they sound really ballsy,fat sound

also, the Dano Fab Tone has been getting love just cuz Mogwai and Mono use it.

I have one, not my fave, but if you're looking for a real treble-ish pedal, this is it, and $40 max

my fave dirt is the Visual Sound Jekyll&Hyde

it's really 2 in 1. one side is like a tube screamer, the other is closer to the Dist+, but not as fat

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For most Grunge/Post Grunge songs that i play i use a Boss Metal Zone-2. Which is a great pedal in my opinion. I also have a Digitech Grunge, (which sucks big time) and a Boss Turbo Dist. pedal. (which i'm not a fan of eighter) :lol:

But i think i'm gonna get a overdrive pedal/other dist. pedal for the Ska-Punk band that me and a friend are going to start. (with own material once we have it) :twisted:

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Here's a list of the ones I've owned and currently own. If I had my choice I'd still have them all because everyone has its own characteristics good for certain applications.

Low Gain/Boosts:

TS808 and derivative mods (analogman, keeley, etc.)

TS9 and derivative mods

Mi Audio Blues Pro


Barber LTD

Crowther Hotcake

Danelectro Transparent Overdrive

Retroman Dumbox

Keeley Katana

Fulltone OCD


DS 1 and derivative mods (analogman, keeley)

DS 2

Mega Distortion

Metal Zone

Jekyll and Hyde

Barber Dirty Bomb


Analogman Sunface nkt 275

Analogman Dark Peppermint Fuzz

Big Muff Pi

Rat 2 (keeley mod)

Zvex Fuzz Factory

A lot of these only sound good through certain amps, a lot of the Tubescreamer type pedals prefer clean American voiced amps, while some of the fuzzes excelled with British voiced amps. Most dirt pedals always sound best through tube amps. You can hit your pre-amp a lot harder and you get a lot more musical distortion with tube amps and pedal combos then solid state and pedal combos.

Its very rare that you'll find a pedal that sounds as good or better then natural amp distortion, but it does happen depending on what type of amp you have. Best option is to start researching different pedals and amp combos and then get into the game of buying and selling until you stumble on the ones you like. But then sometimes you sell thinking something is better only to wish you hadn't.

Of the ones I've listed I wish I'd kept the Hotcake, Zendrive, TS808 true vintage mod, fulltone OCD, analogman sunface, and Rat 2 (keeley mod). All of them sounded great. Now I mainly use the peppermint fuzz, mi audio blues pro, barbert ltd, dumbox, and barber dirty bomb, all through a twin reverb.

Don't know if that helps.

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Keep in mind, the Metal Zone sounds like someone took a digital #### right on your head.

For what you're after, the DS-2 sounds nice. If you're after a little more gain I'd take a look at the Mega Distortion.

Keep in mind of course, that this is all opinion (except, the Metal Zone does sound like a digitized turd) so by all means, try before you buy.

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I have a Boss Ds-2 (Turbo Distortion) and I'm not really proud of it.

As said before it is a very sharp,very medium freq distortion and should be used with a more low boost one. (I think KC used it this way)

I was thinking about getting a fuzz to do the trick.

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I've owned the tim and transparent overdrive at the same time. Through fender style amps the danelectro actually sounds better. Has more midrange. And I paid $175 for my tim and $20 on ebay for my transparent overdrive.

The demand on the Tim was so high when I bought it that I turned around and sold it on ebay for $250, so it all worked out.

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The TOD v1 was a Timmy, not a Tim though.

Your mid-range point may well be testament to how transparent they are. :lol:

I don't approve of the Paul C pedal flipping either, although it'll obviously carry on. The fact that people try to sell their place on the list is also dumb.

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Yeah the tim is just a timmy with an extra clean boost. Paul C is a super nice dude I will agree, I've had many discussions with him on the phone about tone. He'll admit himself that the tim and timmy work best pushing british style amps, he didn't design them with fenders in mind. He did suggest using an eq pedal in the effects loop of the tim/timmy to enhance the mids.

The TO isn't really transparent you're right, a little more then a tubescreamer but it still cuts bass and boosts mids like most TS type pedals.

Well I personally see nothing immoral about the pedal flipping. If someone wants to pay an inflated price for a secondhand item then there's nothing wrong with them doing so. Likewise if someone doesn't like a product and wants to sell it, they are entitiled to do so.

If I had a different amp I'd probably still have the tim, but as it was, I never used it and it was just sitting in its box looking pretty.

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From what I've heard, the Timmy seems to have more gain than the Tim, although its a slight difference.

I wouldn't call it immoral as such, but people selling them for crazy amounts is unfair on the builder and his business (this is more for Paul C in particular because everyone says hes such a great guy). He could charge a whole lot more for them (centaur style lololol) and make them a limited batch run instead, but he chooses not to. Flipping is inevitable, I know, but it's not always done in the best spirit. There has been many a HCer to get a Timmy/Tim merely to flip it on immediately for nearly double the price. What I don't approve of it the purchase of sought after boutique pedals, straight from the builder, which take time to build, only to sell it on for profit immediately after...

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If i ever got a Timmy or whatever... I would only get one (if i was lucky enough) and then try it to see what all the hye was about, then flip it... Not for the sold purpose of making money, but because i just wanted to try one and may aswell sell it if its worth something

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It's not the fault of the people flipping the pedals so much as it's the fault of the people who are willing to buy them at those ridiculously inflated prices. But that's just supply and demand, hate the game not the playa, lol! :wink:

I guess so.

GASing a Lovepedal Englishman, though it's an overdrive really.

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