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i have a thing, the neck on my strat is thick, not sure exactly what profile it is, the seller said it was a thick C, but C isnt meant to be thick is it? feels more like it might be a D, or at least a tele neck.

anyway, it just isnt quite right for me so can any of the luthier types here tel me is having the neck shaved down is a practical option or does it work out better to get a new neck?

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i knew it, it knew someone would see the title and think about hairy necks,

well my tech said it can be done to any spec but i wasnt sure, sounds like it would be expensive since it will probably have to be done progressively, a bit at a time to get the right result.

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Go for it if that's really what you want.

On the other hand I really do have a hairy neck and need some tips shaving... I have tried electric razors and regular shavers with no luck. Any tips?

Replace it.

Then replace the one on the guitar too :P

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