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Toronado GT for a Super Sonic ???

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Thanks for the input.

Here's my issue...

As "cool" and rare as the SS is, it really doesn't work for me. The neck is really nice and comfortable but after gigging with it for awhile I see that it's too small for my big hands. The smaller body feels cramped to me somehow, like there's not enough room to strum so I keep hitting the pup selector or the volume knobs. Also I already have my franken-sonic that is 24-scale and so I don't really need another short scale guitar. Lastly the pickups would need to be replaced if I was going to keep it as a serious gigging guitar and I don't want to spend the money to mod it when it has the other issues.

So...I'm going to go meet up with the guy and see if I like his Toronado, if I do then it'll be a trade if not I'll keep the SS but it'll go back up for sale/trade. Sad cause it is a super cool guitar and I love the idea of it but in reality I just can't deem keeping it.

@Rox I'd be open to a trade but don't have any cash right now to pay for shipping :( sorry

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