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Sory for my english, Im doing my best.


Hi, Im Patric and I have a question about how to setup up correctly my Fender Jaguar 66 Big Block reissue. I read the articale on the site, but some one thing is not clear for me. I install a tune-o-matic bridge but it is moving, because of the free space in the holes in the body, so I cant get the right intonation. When the bridge is moving the intonation is changing. How to get it right?

Cheers from Poland.

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The bridge is meant to jiggle around, but to get rid of that, wrap some electrical tape around the posts that go into posts in the body. That will sturdy it up, just be sure to use the right amount of tape. I am curious, dyou have the traditional Jaguar/Jazzmaster tremolo system, or a hard tail version?

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You could look into a TOM with roller saddles (if you use your tremolo), you just wrap electrical tape around the TOM cups so they sit firmly in the existing holes. But its a crude modification in my opinion, if your not happy i'd certainly consider fitting a TOM permanent or kick myself for not buying a CP model.

The stock bridge does work fine, it just takes time to set it up right. And yes its meant to move, but like any floating tremolo it returns back to point zero where intonation should be right. Its only when you physically move it back or forth with your hand the intonation will go out.

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