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Well according to http://www.guitarcenter.com/Search/Default.aspx?internal=1&src=vintage+modified they go from $270 to $300 dollars so i guess the Squier Jaguar bass will go for about the same price as they do. (since it lacks the extra switches, control plate etc.)

But i don't know for sure since many stores have different prices!!!!!!!!

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My thoughts:

''In my opinion it can't be called a Jaguar bass since it lacks the switches, and the two control plates etc. They could have better called it a Squier Jagmaster bass.'' (Only difference is that the Squier Jagmaster has a short scale neck and this Squier Jaguar bass seems to have a normal bass lenght neck. Which i also still find very disappointing with a normal Fender Jaguar bass.)

Last time i played a vintage Mustang bass and it played and sounded so good. (Also due to the ageing of the wood.)

I'm gonna find myself eighter a: ''Mustang, or a Musicmaster bass.'' (most Musicmaster basses sell for really low money because they are made out of different year parts, and because they are the least wanted vintage Fender bass to collect.)

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I know someone with one of those, and it absolutely sucks balls, but he's a retard so hes probably to blame for it being so incredibly lame. i know he had no idea how to set it up or look after the floyd, but it played absolutely horribly and sounded ####e (Henry, i'm talking about your fagbook friend Spam Wanker :lol: ).

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I hate squiers, they are pieces of junk IMO!


I outta kick your teeth in for that!

The 2nd of 2 squiers I've owned is absolutely fantastic. Its a floyd equipped stagemaster that fran sold to me just over a year ago and It beats some nice guitars for playability.

I dont like dentists though!

If you're a beginner they are fine, or if you got an older MIJ one,they are are indeed pretty good. But when you have been playing over half your life you want and expect quality. Its not about cost or name whatsoever, its about quality, and squiers, spare the mij vista exceptions, just don't have it. IMO anyways.

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