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pictures of your guitars


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Same as always, but...


Yamaha APX6 electro-acoustic, Fender Contemporary Tele, bits and pieces Strat, MIJ Jazzmaster, Avon/Rose Morris Marauder copy (neck pickup has "issues"), MIM Fender Jazz bass (borrowed forever, soon to be purchased and mine forever) and down the front, Marlin P-Bass with bridge 'bucker, waiting on a new neck.

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Here's a group shot without the Cyclone II (it's at the practice hizzyay).


Ibanez TR-500 Expressionist Bass / Paisley Telecoustic / Univox Hi-Flier Bass / Jagmaster (long scale) / '93 Duo-Sonic / $15 Strat Copy (needs work) / Yamaha CPX-15

Then my favorite Cyclone II picture.

Still recent (stickers and all)...


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From Left:

-Epiphone SG Special, w/ no-name single-coil in the neck position

-1976 Fender Mustang, w/ older Strat pickup in the neck position

-Yamaha 12-string Acoustic, back was patched up poorly

-Ibanez Roadstar II bass

-Brownsville 12-string Choirboy

-Silvertone Mosrite copy, middle pickup removed.

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Here's my gear:


Left to right:

1992 Ibanez RG570, stock

Home-made guitar, with little '59s and a Kahler bridge

1994 MIJ Fender Mustang, parts guitar basically

1997 Squier Stratocaster ProTone, with Fat 50s

Not pictured:

1994 MIJ '62 Jaguar reissue (oh wait, it's in my sig...)

Two other home-made guitars

Fender DG-22CE acoustic

1984 Fender Am. Std. Stratocaster

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Left to right

Antares acoustic

Hondo Precision Bass with mystery Seymour Duncan pickup. Hives sticker.

No-name Japanese SG Copy - Looks and sounds ver nice, but could play better. The neck pickup is the thickest thing I've ever heard. My sister's. Cost $100 from kid whose uncle was throwing it out.

Old Acoustic

Jagmaster II - cost $212 music123.com

Explorer Copy - No name Korean copy with neck from Lafayette Jag-esque copy. Bridge pickup wired directly to output, no controls. I want to set up the neck pick up with its own separate output, I might switch it since it has extreme microphonic feedback, but I want one guiter to sing through. Aguirre, the Wrath of God sticker. Was two of my dad's crappy guitars, now one "good" one.

'96 Super-Sonic I think that's the year since the volume pots are in reverse position. "VB" bridge pickup. Cost $200 eBay.

Frankenstein Strat copy - Cort body, Hamer Slammer neck, Mexican Telecaster bridge pickup, shrill Squier middle pickup and warm Squier neck pickup. I think. This and the other Strat are my first two guitars, mixed up and switched with other guitars, so I love them.

Frankenstein Strat II - Squier Stratocaster II neck, Hamer Slammer body, random pickups. Stratocaster II cost $50.

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flipped explorer looks like a jaguar on pcp.


2001 Martin 00-15 Mahogany Grand Concert

2001 sunburst American Vintage '57 Stratocaster

2003 sunburst Squier Telecaster Standard

1996 cherry Epiphone G-400

1998 sunburst CIJ Jaguar

2002 Jay Turser JTB-2B Beatle Bass

1997 sonic blue Fender Jag-Stang

1995 Squier Bullet Series Stratocaster (my first guitar, sold it)

pawnshop Gremlin dreadnought acoustic guitar (given to me as a present by a fat girl and then taken back a year later during a fat fight)

by the way sloan, i used to have a Hoyle horse-head joker on my sonic blue jag-stang... which i just find creepy. we have the same recording digs too.

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