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pictures of your guitars


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thank you, I am very proud of it

but not new pickguard. Standard one, I guess the older models(this one was waiting in some store a long ways away & it was new)

And if you had been following my story, That red cyclone was sold 2 hours before I had ordered it.

So I was lucky to get this one. I like how the brown pg kinda blends the black pu on the humbucker....

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from left to right, top to bottom:

Hohner ST, my second guitar, served me well for years, bought it in 1987.

Rogue Viola bass: good quality, decent sound.

Danelectro Reissue: Good guitar, warm clean sound.

Squier Strat: righty but set up for lefty, with an EMG pickup. I got it for free and butchered it a bit.

Fender Telecaster (mex): with a SD pickup on the bridge position. Better quality than expected, sounds great.

Fender Jaguar 66 Reissue (jap): great quality, great sound, put 2 SD pickups, a black pickguard, my main guitar.

Fender Mustang 67 (U.S.): older than me, 2 SD pickups, just an awesome guitar

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