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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

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Guitars are-

-UNIVOX Phase 2 Hi-Flyer-Only guitar that I use the tremolo on. Gibson 3-way toggle, Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge, stock P-90's. Bought at a pawn shop in Denver in the summer of 1998 for $150.00. I searched for months for these, didn't have eBay yet. These guitars have great necks, not so crowded past the 12th fret. My old guitar tech told me these were $98.00 w/case back in the day!

-UNIVOX Phase 4 Hi-Flyer-Natural finish, stock except for Schaller bridge. The stock bridge was a solid piece, meant for a wound G string, crap. Similar to Gibson LP Jr bridge. Bought in downtown Denver for $200.00 also in 1998. Forgot to add before, has the past owner's social security number is scratched in the wood south of the neck plate.

-1966 FENDER MUSTANG-Was white, refined by last owner in a thin, crappy, peel off blue. SD Hotrails in the bridge, replaced switches, 2 Tone (one bright). Bought on eBay as a birthday present from my ex-girlfriend.

-FENDER MUSTANG body, alder, contours. Might have been smashed and fixed. 1970's?

-1965 FENDER JAGUAR- bought neck, body and pick guard on eBay for about $500.00. Binding and dots, new frets. Routed for a bridge Humbucker, Temporary Gotoh TOM bridge. Stew Mac chrome, U.S.A reissue Tremolo. Project guitar but still my favorite. For pictures and full description, look here if your interested-








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I've got phase 2 and 3 parts just sitting in another room. ive never gotten around to assembling the guitar.

Get off your ass and put it together! If you don't like it, sell it.

Jayson-you just need to search and search on eBay, classifieds. I went from pawn shop to pawn shop for months looking for Univox guitars. I found 3 that summer. The last one was a f*cked up Custom. Sunburst, red pick guard and in need of a re-fret. The fat bastard wanted $400.00 for it. I will never pay more than $200.00. I remember this guy a few months ago, sold 3 phase 2's BRAND NEW! They had been stored, plastic and tags still on them. Brand F*cking new! They went for something like $700.00 each!

The problem with Univox guitars are Nirvana fans (I'm one) I'm not sure if you get this open because its a past auction, eBay member and all that.

But try anyway-

http://cgi.ebay.com/Univox-Hi-Flier-Mos ... dZViewItem

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