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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

my main geeter


old guitar i found in basement.


i also have a silvertone s-11 strat wich was my first guitar but its ugly as piss so im not even posting it. im gonna break it if i ever have a band and gig at a house party.

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FINALLY got a digicam, so here are my guitars. I couldn't be assed taking a shot of them together now, I got bored before I thought of it.

The Sonic Blue Jazzy:


The 'Vintage' Les Paul copy (with happy little sunshine strap!!):


And, my Dad's Crafter acoustic, which is pretty nice:


It has some really nice abalone around the soundhole, but I couldn't be assed taking close ups.

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now then, finally took some pictars...

First, my Jag-Stang, stole the knobs from my P-Bass and replaced the stock ones;


Mexican Telecaster;


Epiphone SG, I took the scrathcplate off and I couldn't find it to put it back on:/


Squier Strat that I put Mighty Mite pickups in, and took the knobs from my old scratchplate, not sure how much I prefer them to the black ones the tortoise shell guard came with though


P-Bass with the black Strat knobs


very old Classical Acoustic


and finally my little mandolin:)


Sorry about the slight blur in some of the pics, my hands are not really that steady :/

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Left to right; 1966 Mustang, 1963 Jazzmaster, behind that is a (circa) '98' Jag RI, next to that is a mid 90's Samick copy of a gibson 335,net to that is a Early 62 Jag, next to the Jazzmaster is an early 60's Framus, next to that is a 50's/60's Burns TR2 lying on the floor is a 1995 Jagstang, and lastly the Squier Venus dated around the late 90's.

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here's my strat..which has endured 10 years of playing so far....and my jazz bass


the amp you (partially) see is a Fender Vibroverb reissue which ive had for about 9 years now...

my acoustic that you can see behind my bass is a Simon and Patrick Luthier.

I'm adding a Jaguar to this collection this fall :) (along with a new house)

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hi iam new but ive been reading the forum for a wile now. any way i thought i would start by showing some of my geetarsssssss

crap camra on me phone sorry


my jag


me dany dc59


thats my 1964 duo-sonic II on the right all stock except i put some compensated saddles on it


epi sheraton on the right and my new buy! a guyatone hi-flyer


and again it realy needs a clean (like me room heh heh )

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Well, here they are:

1980 Ovation Legend

1968 Gibson B25-12N 12 string

1995 Fender Jag-Stang

200? JB Player 12-string

2004 Oscar-Schmidt OE-30 Delta King

25th Anniv. Squire strat with tele neck

2004 Rogue Mandolin

2003 Yamaha bass (I stripped the blue off and finished it satin)

2004 Rogue 6 string (you can't tell, but it's been annihilated)

1965 Fender Mustang (olly - currently at Eric's Guitar getting set-up)

The case that holds the Gibson was built by me about 3 years ago. Other than having a flourescent light and felt lining, I also installed a thermostat and built a custom humidifier, hidden behind the fake drawer.

I can build to order if anyone is interested.


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