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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

Either your guitar is highly out of tune dude, or your intonation is ####! You might wanna get that together before you make a video of yourself wanking chords over a single pentatonic pattern next time.

And work with a metronome for a while, that way when you switch to lead and back your tempo won't completely change.


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I take your comments as a compliment.

She has her dings, chips, scratches (all from the previous owner) but after all these years she is a beauty and plays great. I wouldn't trade her for anything.


I too have an orange 'Stang but its a custom refin.

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My friend gave me a digital camera for crissy, so now I can finally post pics of my guitars...

My Jagmaster, in the process of being sold...




My '51, stock, but not original neck, unknown replacement humbucker, original pickguard, cut and sprayed black (but not by me)




My beloved Telecaster, stock, except for replaced neck pickup



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Thanks for the help. I made a type on the first tele pic, so it didnt work, all fixed now :)

Yeah, I'm loving the 51, it's such a whacktogether and since I cleaned up the beville on the pickguard, it has really grown on me.

The sticker on the Tele is Hawkgirl, from Justice League. She's only there because I thing the black and white colour combo is boring and I wanted to spruce it up a bit.

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i love the 51. pickguard looks great

Thanks, dude, wish I could say it was my idea, but it was pretty close to that when I bought it. I just cleaned it up with a razor blade to smooth the beville and take away a felt pen "3-ply" that someone has attempted to draw on.

Over summer I might respray the pickguard (its pretty badly scratched), or I might even get another made in the same design, but better quality, better lined up to the screwholes, so on...

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Thanks Pete. It really looks great. A nice orange/brown, while the Jagmaster is more a red/brown.

The 51 is actually pretty scratched up, and I wish I could fill in the screw holes. But I really like it's "lived-in" quality. Also, since I took those pics, I have replaced the tele-style knobs, with Jaguar-style knobs.

Another thing about the 51, the body is made of at least 4 (maybe even 5, I can't quite tell) pieces of wood. That seems like a lot :)

But thanks for the compliment on the guitar. When I first bought it, I thought I was buying somethintg only it's mother could love. Nice to see it makes the grade for others too :-D

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First new picture I've posted in ages.

Left to right: Eastwood Airline Reissue, mid 1970s Hagstrom Swede, 1973 Guild S-100, 1978 Fender Bronco refinished Surf Green with AV Jaguar Pickups(not by me), 1977-78 Univox Les Paul copy, 1997 Fender Jag-Stang with lots of mods.


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