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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

Nice stang, looks Fiesta Red.

I like the stickers too, they add some character. What are the knobs you have on there, they look strange.

And as for the hair... would you be offended if I said the words 'Thurston' and 'Moore'... ;)

it tends to do that in some lighting, its pretty interesting, and sticker are always fun

the knobs are strat knobs that i painted black with spray paint and then changed my mind and tried to wipe off, so the paint stayed in the grooves and wiped away on the ridges so they are kind of half black half white

oh boy, a thurston moore comment. its 20 times better than being one of teh kurts :lol:

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That is awesome, so much more appealing than the bo diddley box. did he make the neck as well?

he said he bought the neck used, and that it had appeared to never have been used. its very thick (think gibson), poor figuring, but really, really straight. im convinced that its an eden or mighty-mite or something. extremely high gloss. so he bought the neck, and a mahogany (i believe) silverware box, braced it, and stuck a mahogany block down the middle, which was then routed for the neck. he got the silverware box since i had asked for a really big box, since most 'cbg's look like uncomfortable toys. this one is actually more comfortable than a strat or tele sitting down, although not as much as a jag or jazz. its about 1/2 as loud as an acoustic, and sounds great, electric and acoustic. the only thing is the bridge pickup, its too bright for my tastes, brittle... all of the parts are leftovers and miscellaneous bits he had lying around. he said that he could put any pickups or parts on his guitars that i wanted,if i paid the price though. its got a real tight low end, great distorted.

he also threw in a hard case which he had made, out of birch or the like. and an extra e string, a pick, 3 mojo feathers (thats what you really pay for), a hex thingy for adjusting the saddles, and a extension nut for slide playing. also, a piece of paper explaining how to pop open the box, etc.

also, the box was refinished with an oil finish, and it is absolutely beautiful. all marks on the box are from me.

it came with a low action, fretting out w/full step bends at the 10th fret. many fenders have worse setups. great guy, ill problably look to him for my next lutherie needs.

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no b string polepiece?

No. The B string is more prominant than all the others, and so can be picked up well by the other polepieces. Therefore it doesn't need it's own.

whys there a knob on the back :-hmmm

That knob is like the pickup selector switch on the Esquire. It gives more tonal options with only having the one pickup.

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