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pictures of your guitars


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i finally got around to taking some pictures, here's the bronco, again:



the sixties jazzbox:


... with an 80s Shadow Attila Zoller-pickup, but i currently almost exclusively use it un-amplified, so there's flat bronze strings on it.

and the diablo, maple neck:


now with tortoise pickguard:



there's two SD vintage jaguar pickups under the mustang covers, phat cat in the bridge, and a push pull for in phase/out of phase.

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oh, and 2 projects, both form the 70s:


the acoustic is parlor-size and short short scale, it's very lo-fi and doesn't intonate well. i usually keep it in open or nashville tuning ... i kind of like it though. it's a framus amateur, the same model leslie feist plays on most of her recordings and live.

the strat-type is a HH hardtail body with a cheapish worn neck, like the tuners a lot:


... the wood (veneer) looks great, i think. needs complete set of electronics.


(this is the framus forum, in'it? ,

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i gave

the latest incarnation of my les paul,

its an epiphone lp that was broken twice and now has been made to accept a fender/warmoth neck. 1zf7v4x.jpg

I'm diggin that in a BIG way :)


hows it sound?

i gave it another try yesterday, and although its still a little noisy it isnt really a big deal and it makes sound at least. the sound is very surprising because the pickup was just a $20 allparts humbucker. its something like 14k, and i really like it. but maybe i just have a sloppy ear. of course i still need to add in the neck pup but at least i dont have to re-wire everything. i would like to post a sound demo but im not exactly sure how

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Harmony F70 "W" received from my uncle a few years back. Something of an old family relic. He's a banjo player, so I have always had a love of bluegrass. One day I asked if he knew where I could get a mandolin, and he says to me, he says, "I might have an old one lying around." So he ships it to me, with a note from him, and it's mine now.

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