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pictures of your guitars

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wtf, did you take them with a pinhole camera?

Yes. I did do that.




Also, I just finished repairing my black Jaguar's tremolo arm holding-claw. I took the entire setup off the guitar, took the screw and claw that holds the arm in off and beat the claw arms with a wrench till they stuck so close together that I could hardly shove the arm in. Now it doesn't rotate freely like it used to and it doesnt make an audible click through my amp setup when I use it. I LOVE it this way!

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

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Epi SG G-400(for sale), banjo, Epi LP (beat to hell), MIM strat with tex mex humbucker (for sale), cheapo classical acoustic, I like it, squier tele, modded to hell, le donkeysonic <3, epi acoustic (for sale), NEW vintage vsa850 gretsch style hollowbody. Plays like a dream, even better now that tuners are lubricated, as is the bigsby. The guy wanted 700 for it, I got him down to 560 plus a gigbag. (as per bargaining thread in coffeehouse)



My roost 50 amp with homemade cab.

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Heres what i am playing currently.


Left to right, "Electa" Les-Paul copy my missus got me a few days ago for my birthday, Jag-Stang that arrived today and my mates 20 year old "Profile"Strat copy that he has kindly let me borrow for the last couple of months.

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heres a link to all my guitars.

there is a no name strat. its ok. good for screwing around.

my jag-stang. of course. my jaguar. everyone already knows about those too. then my tele(still in work)

then i have a fender 12-string.

a rogue 6 string auc-elec.

a fender 2000 mexi jazz bass.

a squire 86 5 string

a squire/harmony/ something else monster bass.

a peavey mark 8 head(x-p series) going into a cv 15" bass reflex cab.

and my amp is a Ampeg 70cc going thru the normal two 10" celestion and then a line out going to a mid 70s TUBE conn organ amp. and then out to two twleve inch jensen speakers(it sounds so good, you have no idea)

and yes those are hot tamalis all over the back of it.

i don;t think i left anything out.

heres the link.


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- Super-Sonic with a Telecaster bridge pickup, seeing as how it came with a non-stock bridge humbucker anyway.


- Jagmaster with Cyclone II pickups. They are surrounded by little plastic pieces I cut and painted to match the pickguard ha. It's hard to tell even in person.


- No-name Japanese Explorer copy from my dad, neck replaced by his busted Lafayette Jag copy. The original was made from balsa or something, so light and trashy. Unholy microphonic pickups replaced, Jagmaster neck pup splits. His adornment of Aguirre, the Wrath of God sticker remains.


- Squier/Hamer/Cort mishmash strat poorly refinished. Jagmaster pup splits. Those Japanese Squier necks can't be beat in my book.


- Sister's No name Japanese SG copy. Beautiful finish, plays and sounds great. Microphonic bridge pup replaced, but the stock neck provides an amazing thick Weezer crunch.


- Hamer Slammer poorly refinished. My first guitar, I need to get rid of it ha.


- Hondo II P-Bass copy inherited from school. This bass is in my mind legendary for having taken so much abuse over its long lifespan. It is indestructable, and sounds great. I recently refinished it in "Kiwi."

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epiphone, my 1st "real" electric guitar


My monster tele- '81 bullet neck, 4 way switch, attempted de-glossing...



me rocking the Baritone. Saga woodkits body/hardware, '81 bullet neck (in the picture- i replaced it with an actual baritone conversion neck) and fender USA neck pickup.


It was a halloween show.

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Here's the the guitars I currently have with me in London...

- 97 fender jag-stang

- original 61 fender jazzmaster

- Fame by Hondo strat (great guitar!)

- Black travel acoustic

- Tanglewood Dreadnought acoustic


I did have another similar pic of the other guitars I have back home at my parents which I have gone and deleted from my camera...

one of which included my

- 78 Gibson RD Artist (which I do have a pic of)


.. the others were a 'Fenix' telecaster, 'Discovery' soild-bodied electro acoustic, and really nice spanish guitar with fishman electronics. I have a few others but nothing really worth a mention. My bro has two really nice bass guitars which I have use of. A carnes and a yamaha.

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:shock: I had no idea you had that JM, otho...if and when I decide to dump the Mustang, I'll try and con you into a trade or something!

Really... I've made a seperate post about it during the summer which you must have forgotten about because this is what you said...

kinda makes my last purchase (65 Mustang) pail in comparison

These were the pics....



I'd be so tempted to trade if there wasn't a history of me owning it, cause when you've seen something that much you become bored of it, which I have. Would never get rid of it though in saying that.

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