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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

Oh ok I took some but they look #### lol.. blame my camera work and my lack of places to rest it on. Click to enlarge (they're very big).

It's a Fender Gemini II and I think it's circa 1985 according to the serial.

Got it for $100 from some old guy that didn't want it anymore 8)

IMGP4396_small.jpg IMGP4395_small.jpg IMGP4393_small.jpg

I'll take better pics another time and edit the post, along with pictures of my Jaguar and Blues Junior (which soon will be replaced!) :roll:

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These pictures are all old and it's not all of my guitars but I don't have a digital camera, so until I get one these are the best pics that I have.

My SG standard, and my MIA Strat with Duncan distortion in the bridge


WD Music tele kit before I assembled it.


Tom Delonge Strat


MIM strat, which was my first guitar. I have removed all of the stickers and put the original white pickup cover back on the middle pickup and put the original knobs back on.


Ernie Ball music man stingray, and Peavey NitroBass halfstack


Peavey Triple XXX 112 Combo


I don't have a picture of Taylor 414CE, my '72 Tele deluxe reissue, my OLP musicman bass copy, or my Epiphone p-bass copy.

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I think the time to post some of my guitars has come . I ll post my very first one and my last one, next time i ll post the rest (too lazy to picture them now)

Greenish jagstang (before i installed the hotrails)


Looks-more-blueish-here jagstang


This is my first guitar .. haha i ve raped it.. 8 yrs ago or so.. thats what a 16 yr old does with his first guitar.. Epiphone SG


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how fun.


all of em(except an acoustic)


1984-1987 Fender Strat Japan with a whammy thing on it(CAN'T TUNE IT... :( )


2005 Fender RI mustang(nice...)


1991-1992 Fender Strat Mex with Buster-kun sticker :-D (frets&electrics dieing :( )


Brandless, nameless bass from 1985ish(tuners jacked)

ya it is a lot. The Bass and the Japan Strat are my uncle's, the strat was bought used(really used), and the RI is my jewel. all this goes through a Gorilla 50 watt Practice amp from 1985.

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Okaayyy... Here is my one and only (and first :roll: ) elctric guitar. First it was about to be a Jag-Stang, but it didn't work and so - I've got a beautiful Fender Showmaster QBT HH with two SD pickups now and I'm really pleased :-D Plays, sounds and looks (!) great for me :-D


I think I'm in love with that matching headstock :-D


And with bubinga wood as well :-D




SD Pearly Gates in the neck produce very warm and "deep" sound - kinda bluesy, you could say. Oh, yes - and there's a '59 at the bridge. I'm sure you all know THAT sound. I must say I like that guitar :-D

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Heres an old jazzmaster of mine.. It was a 2003 CIJ CAR jazzy.. I changed the pickups, trem to vintage american parts; CTS/switch craft electronics and CBS witch hat knobs. I sold it on ebay a while back to get an actual vintage american reissue (olympic white)

Even with the massive changes to the CIJ one, it still could not compare to the MIA


Well, I didn't have the rythem controls soldered in when I took the picture of this. So yea those are holes.

I'll post my present stuff very soon, when I get back.

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So I have a Jag (pics posted in appropriate room of course 8) ) And I also have these.


98 Gibson the Paul II... like a normal les paul, but thinner and stripped down. Sounds like an SG/Les Paul thing. All mahogany too, no cap.

And this. modified cheap Schecter with duncan DD, coil split/parallel switch, phase switching between pickups... graphite nut... chrome rings and crappy handdrawn pinstriping.


Had one of these til recently (yesterday). Great axe. I'd recommend new squiers.



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Finally adding mine


Lawsuit Hondo II(glue on neck), random 60's japanese guitar, Neck-thru double cutaway Hondo (not sure if it is 70's or 80's)


My seven dollar Kay (Apparently there is a matching bass that Kay made, which I will have to someday get)


10 dollar Oscar Schmidt that I repainted and put new electronics in (the pots are not on in this pic, I put gold LP style pot covers on them though)

I was inspired by Girl Brand guitars, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the movie Metropolis while painting this guitar. So I sort of wanted to give it the look that it was made of gold, iron, and bronze and buried in an arizona desert for years and had oxidized a bit, then was recovered by an 80's alternative group and played under the comfort of an English cliff watching over the beach.

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