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pictures of your guitars

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:)I won Charlyne Yi's guitar!

Charlyne Yi is a musician,songwriter,actor and comedian who has appeared in movies like "Knocked Up" and "Paper Heart" .

She auctioned one over her guitars on ebay to raise money to help pay for a friends open heart surgery and I had the winning bid.



It is a Tone Soloist made by CCIMediums.

Same as these ones owned by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs


and Dave Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors


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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

Here's my Tele.

I think it's a 52' reissue but I'm not sure. Never seen this colour.

A really really cool guitar, my first one, the one I'll always keep.






Wow!That's a cool "Coppercaster" Yes it is a '52 reissue but it was a limited edition in Copper. I think they made them in the early 1990's(?)

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Wow!That's a cool "Coppercaster" Yes it is a '52 reissue but it was a limited edition in Copper. I think they made them in the early 1990's(?)

Thanks a lot !

I now know the truth about my guitar. ^^

So Copper is the name of that sweet colour...

And I think you're right about the date because I got mine in the late 90's (like 97'-99') and it was second hand but almost new.

Thanks again for the precious information.

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Just sold my original 66 Jaguar to buy my dream guitar- a 1969 Fender Maverick. Unfortunately mine has a body only refinish in Ice Blue Metallic.


Woah? I thought these were only 12 strings and i didnt know they had that point at the bottem.

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Cool guitars!!!!!!!

Your Mustang looks almost exactly like mine, except mine has also a black neck pickup cover. :)

thanks, I wanted a red tort pickguard instead of brown but I think I'll get my jagstang pickguard replaced first since mine got the ol peeling issue the early jagstangs had. The squier I picked up about a week ago for my birthday to replace acheap pos starter strat copy. Thinkin of puttin a 3 ply guar and a duncan hotrail in the bridge since I quite like the neck and middle stock pup. This way I can still play clean songs or acoustic ones with a single coil chime then kick it to the bridge and kick on the distortion.

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I've just made some crappy pics of mine:







Guitars/bass: ''Fender Mustang, Fender MIM Black Strat, Fender Jag-stang, Fender Jaguar, Jackson Professional, Ibanez JEM Flower Pattern, (probably fake, but sounds great) Fender American Standard Burgundy Mist Strat, Squier Obey Tele, Vester Stage Series Bass. (shortscale)'' (i also got a Obey Strat upstairs)

The: ''Mustang, Jackson, MIM Strat all need new strings. + The Jackson and the Jaguar are both getting a new bridge pickup.

I got the USA Strat due to a trade i made with my Gibson LP Studio Lite. I think i'm going to try and trade it for a Ibanez Apex/K7 (KoRn). Otherwise if i don't sell it or trade it, i will keep it i think. ;-)

EDIT: ''My Ibanez also needs new strings now, cus i just broke the high e string.'' :lol::oops:

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