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pictures of your guitars


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You have made me paranoid now :lol:

The pic was taken from a weird angle, not quite straight, not quite 45o. That's probably created the illusion.

Feels fine to play, though (but probably not any more :-D)

How did I make you paranoid?

I think it might be the angle that made it look like that. I hope you play the hell out of it.

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Does the vibrato float with resistance? Meaning is the spring still there and attached?

CP's have a threaded arm and if you ever over tighten it caused the collar to unscrew and the spring to no longer function.

Just a thought.

I'm sorry i still don't understand.

It has a trem lock but it doesn't matter if it is on or off because if you move the arm slightly it hits the strings. It never really gets tight. The guitar didn't come with it so maybe i ordered the wrong one or maybe it was broken. I would say the space between the strings and the arm when i'm not touching it is the width of a quarter. It is basically touching the strings before you do anything. There is however some play in the collar. It moves a bit in the collar before the plate moves. It may be the wrong arm.

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I had talked a little bit about the v that wayne static gave me and i never put good pictures. When i got it he had come off stage and mailed it. I have a email he sent me on which video and which songs on which album were recorded with this guitar. The fretboard had peeled up slightly and i had it taken apart and sanded and re-glued. Other than that the guitar is exactly the same as his tech set it up, strings and all. I like the pick-up, it is a sh-6 i think. if you go to seymour duncan and type his name it tells you which one it is. The big thing about it that i fell in love with is the hipshot. You hear about them on a bass but not too much on a guitar. I love it, i think it is the best thing since slice bread and i wish every guitar i had had one.

*warning* i think i'm gonna do a double or triple post because i don't know if i should put 6 pics in one post or 2 or 3. Please try and forgive me if this enrages you.



i must have done something wrong?

Have i lost this privilege?

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