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pictures of your guitars

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Most of mine.


i hate you. i want your mustang sooooooo bad

it's nice to be back in here!

@brandon: nice set of guitars man! it's good that you've stayed in the forum and somehow have been able to adjust/blend with the folks around here...also that Sheraton's hot! (wish i had a wife and a daughter that gives guitars for presents)

@hnb: nice collection man!!! you seriously need to get a guitar stand/hanger(in any form imho)though. if you're not gonna take good care of those babies then you'll have to send me those jag-stangs as an act of mercy. id love to adapt those and buy them some guitar stands/bags :D

@mad-mike: you made a simple guitar look cool with those stickers :lol:

@everyone else new & old in the forum: hi!

No worries there bud, I have hard and soft cases for them and some stands. I just broke them out for the photo. I do want to get more stands to display them safely though.... It does kind of look like a guitar store... LOL

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Here is a decent picture of my acoustic that was taken at a blues festival in Lafayette Louisiana at the blue moon saloon on 7-16-11. This was members of several blues and zydeco bands and me. My acoustic photographs well i find. Thanks!


Nice flame finish. ;)

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what a collection...beautiful!

You have interesting taste and I'm especially intrigued by your art collection. Can you tell us about that? :smile:

Haha,thanks! Most of the "art collection" belong's to my girlfriend but the "Keene" print's are mine. Most of them used to hang on the walls of "The House Of Breakfast" in South Minneapolis. Back in the 80's you could often find the Replacement's there having breakfast after all the bars had closed.



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