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My new musicmaster!

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Hey there! Long time member, first time in a long time visiting the site!

Very recently, I stumbled onto an old, pre-Mustang/offset, 22" scale Musicmaster for $50. The finish was stripped years ago, the guitar has seen a lot of use and abuse, but all the important parts are there. Original pick guard (albeit cracked and missing pieces), metal shielding sheet underneath, pickup, pots, knobs, tuners. And the neck, from what I can tell. There's no decal left, and no distinguishing marks on the heel, but judging from the neck itself along wtih the rest of the guitar... it's original. Problem is... It's twisting!

There's only 1 of 3 bridge saddles and no nut, so I haven't tried stringing it up, but it looks pretty obviously twisted. There's a chance I could set it up and cut the nut in a way that it'd compensate some for the twist, but there's a pretty good chance that it'll wind up playing horribly. I'm totally geeked out about the guitar though, so I'd really like to figure out a way to make it work.

What necks will fit on this guitar? The neck is tiny and I'd be happy to move up to a 24 or even a 25.5 if possible, but I don't know if it will fit. The heel looks pretty narrow, do mustang or strat necks even fit in these neck pockets? My mustang isn't here right now or else i'd measure and check...

I'd really hate to not use this neck, it's super old looking and has a really cool feel to it, not to mention the years of playwear that's worn into it. It matches the rest of the beat to hell little guitar so well it'd be a shame to replace it with something shiny and new, but if i must, i must. Help me out!

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No pawn shop... I work at a guitar store, and the guy brought in this guitar to sell to us. It was so far from being functional, we had no quick way to test it out and see if it was even anything worth sinking money into, so the store politely passed. I, however, said I was interested and asked what he wanted for it. After having a, "What do you want/Make me an offer" battle for a while, I shrugged and said $50, and he actually took it. Nice! Too bad that damn neck is twisted...

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To answer a question you posed...

No, a 25.5" neck will not work with a vintage Musicmaster, not by a long shot.

I think your best bet will be to shell out for a vintage neck off ebay. They are a fairly common sight, although you will have to pay a few bucks for it.

But given the guitar was only $50, it's definitely worth the investment.

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I did a temporary rig-up with something roughly bridge-height shoved under the strings, and a blank uncut nut stuck in the neck, and i THINK i can still make it work with the current neck. I have some new saddles on order to replace the two I'm missing, then i can get down to business trying to set this little guy up. It'll be a challenge, but hey, I always need more projects.

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