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Supersonic/Telecaster/Strat hybrid build.

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Ok so its not me but a mate of mine, (my supersonics previous owner) , and he's building his own guitar.

Its going to be a long process due mainly to financial reasons but i promise everybody on this forum that it won't take longer than that damn tele bass soldering/photographing project!

Any hoo, i digress.

Basically this is the plan....

He's already got a liscensed Strat neck and the body he's going to have made will be a supersonic shape, (a templete of which shall be taken from one of his own), routed out to accomodate telecaster controls and through body bridge. A humbucker route at the neck and, i'm guessing, standard tele esque bridge single coil.

Any ideas, advice, input would be greatly appreciated as i shall pass info on. Pics and demo shall be posted as and when guitar is finished.

All i ask is patience. I'm gonna help him as much as i can.

Cheers guys.

Edit* p/u and colour scheme suggestions welcome too. ;-)

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I would vote against fiesta red, as that would make it perfect, and then I'd have nothing to live for.

Neck will be reverse headstock?

I think that it would be cool as an Esquire. No neck pickup, and a stacked humbucker (BG1400) in the bridge position.

As for the control panel, if keeping two pickups, I would get a blank one and have only two controls put in: a five way switch, and a kill / stutter button.

One of my SuperSonics has a stacked YJM humbucker, no neck pickup, and a three way with, HB, SC, and off.

Is it going to be a 25.5," or a 24"?

btw - there is a Silver Sparkle SS on Ebay for five more hours.


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I've owed pictures for a while, and now I've posted this in four places.

nice collection man! its sweet to see the pic. doing all the talking. i can see your impressive collection of modified super sonics as well. i really envy you...a blue sparkle fin. (like mine) w/ strat pickups? hmmmm....would love to hear you play this 8) the problem's that this thread's specifically about nate's hybrid build

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