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The main difference between the 65 and the 69 is the contours. That the 69 has arm and belly ones and the 65 doesn't. Going by that, that there guitar is a 65. You can also tell by the tuners, which are plastic as opposed to metal, and the decal is slightly different. If you could, i'd suggest trying to get your hands on a 69RI. I much prefer the necks on them, there's something just not quite right about the 65RI necks... But maybe that's just me. :)

However, the pickups are superior on the 65RI, the ones on the 69 are awful. As for the woods, I know the 69 is made from Basswood, Not so sure about the 65, but I think it might be the same.

Anyway, I'm glad you're gonna join the club, You'll love it whatever one you decide to get :-D

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