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What's the exact Warmoth replica neck for JS?

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Hey I've got a 50th anniversary JS which has seen better days. I tried replacing the nut today but it didn't really fix my problems. So I was wondering if I went Warmoth for the neck what options would most closely replicate the original Fender neck? I'm talking headstock, fret size and material, neck scale, neck/fingerboard wood, nut width, neck shape, fingerboard radius etc. And what about laquer/Decals, do they do that too? Much help would be appreciated I miss playing this thing.

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They dont have a neck the same as the Jag-Stang neck.They make one that will fit one but the nut width is 1 5/8" instead of the JS 1 1/2" and the smallest neck radius is a 9 1/2" like the newer jaguars.The closest thing would be a 69' re-issue neck which was what kurt sent to have copied for the JS.Or if you find a cheap vintage neck look for an "A" near the truss rod for the 1 1/2" nut width.I have a Warmoth neck on mine as a temp and you get used to it but I'm lookin for a JS or 69' re-issue neck because it's more comfortable than the Mustang neck Warmoth make's.They finish them how you would like but they dont put a fender or JS logo on them I had to.

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