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ps-5 is not a whammy. it is a crummy pitchshifter. You could hook it up to an expression pedal but this is not what the TS wants. He wants a cheap whammy clone e.g behringer. the best thing to get is therefore a whammy wah/xp100


:? it does all the same things... and is cheaper or am i missing something here... sure it's not a "clone" in anyway but it's still a good pedal.

btw what are you going to be using the whammy for?

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_____ is crap and #### expensive.

couldn't that apply to any stock boss product?

no. there are many boss products that have been brilliant/decent. However they are the older pedals.

I was leaning more towards currently manufactured boss products

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well you said boss product. not the current line of boss products.

somebody woke up on the wrong side of the piss-stained mattress, when I said boss were crap I was kidding(their overdrives are very good if you can find them cheap), when I said they were overpriced I was not

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try and find a digital xp100 whammy/wah. cheap as chips when they come up on ebay (about 40 quid) and you are set.

the digital xp100 sucks. dont buy this :-hateit

if behringer made a clone of the whammy (what the TS wanted) it would be the xp100. Also love how you call it "the digitial xp100" :lol:

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