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Fender Toronado..

Jake Lane

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I have 3 Guitars and 3 basses :> You can see my basses in the other guitars page somewhere towards the last 2 pages :P but I bought them from working liek 4 jobs xD

4 jobs? :lol:

yush, I create and manage businesses Facebooks, so it doesn't pay that much :P I'm the cheap guy who puts alot of work into it.

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In tha sunlight :D

the buddha of offset fenders with - the strap of karate kid? :-hateit

who cares how a guitar looks? the playing is where it's at....

as you put it "shut up and play a chord!" (which btw is something I have yet to see you do)

so since what you said goes quite against your previous posts I'ma assume that ur not really somebody who cares about guitar or music and that you're just someone looking for a fight.

that being said.....


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