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1985 MIJ Strat Mod

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I am working on my 1985 Fender Stratocaster.

List of mods:

Added TBX tone knob.

Added Push Pull knob to make a seven way switch.

Wired one master tone and removed the second one to add a killswitch.

Added gloss black pickguard... sort of. (Standard one doesn't seem to fit and I can't seem to fine anywhere that sells one that will fit with that cool and rather large bridge.

I still need to get a pickguard that fits and I also plan to add three Hot Rail pickups. :wink: It is coming together. I will probably keep the beat up white volume and tone knobs. (Aren't on because I need the picguard still.)


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Good luck with it, keep us updated........ :)

I'm also gonna put 3 Seymour Duncan hotrails in another Strat soon. (i already have a mexican one tunend to drop C with a DiMarzio XN2 humbucker and a Metallic Purple USA Strat which i'm planning on selling instead of modding it. Because it just doesn't play that well like my Mexican for some reasson. I think it's because it still feels like a new one and i don't like new guitars.) :lol:

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It is strange how sometimes the cheaper guitars have a better feel or sound. My Peavey Patriot is a fun guitar and I got it at a pawn shop when I was in high school. My jagstang and stratocaster were also used. I don't think any of my guitars have been purchased new now that I think about it. I think a new guitar might have some sort of stigma that makes it hard to be comfortable with them like a used one maybe. All of my guitars had little scratches or a paint chip or two. Helps me relax when playing instead of worrying about bumping and scratching it.

How do you like the sound of the XN2?

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True, most guitars that i have are brought under the 500,- euro price tag.

The only real expensive guitars that i like are Les Paul/SG Standards at the moment.

I don't own a Standard, but i do own a Les Paul Studio which is a great guitar btw. :)

That's the only guitar that i hate myself for when i bump it against something. I don't have that with my Fenders. I think i see them more as Punk guitars so i don't really care when i bump one against something. :oops::lol:

To be honest, i don't really like the sound of the XN2. I brought it because the info/reviews said that it would be good for drop tunings. It just lack character in my opinion. I love my Seymour Duncans more. Altough i still want to try out some other DiMarzio pickups to see if i like them.

If not, Seymour Duncan FTW!!!!!!!!!!! But that's just me. :)

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Thanks! Just trying to find a pickguard. It is sounding like I will need to make a tracing and send it in to a place to get a quote. LOL Didn't think it would be so hard to find one...

Edit: This is the site that says they can make me a pickguard using a tracing from my 1985 Fender Stratocaster.


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Sounds like an older eleven hole template will work with some custom cutting for the huge bridge. (Extra $15.) Not bad at all. I wish they were open weekends. I would have had it paid for already and have it on the way here. Have to wait for Monday I guess.

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It's all done. My push-pull pot ended up being bad and when I drove around to replace it, I couldn't find one right away so I got a mini-toggle instead to do my 7-way switch mod. It has strings again and sounds great! The new pickguard turned out nice.


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