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Lace sensor dually in a mustang

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new to the forum, here's the "million Dollar Question:" i am trying to put a lace sensor dually red-silver in the bridge position of my '69 RI. it's all routed and everything but i'm doing a different type of switching. i successfully wired my '69 RI comp blue with a JB with the switches being used for a pickup selector and series-shunt-parallel (thanks deaf eddie!), but am running into problems doing the same with the lace. if anyone knows about these, any help is much appreciated.

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I used this diagram for:

Up = Upper pickup.

Middle = Off.

Down = Humbucker.

The color codes are:

Orange = North Start

White = North Finish

Orange/Black = South Finish

White/Black = South Start

Greens are just plate grounds so are not attached to the switch.

Not sure if that is what you needed, but I hope it helps. I used it on my Jagstang and I have Lace Red Red Duallys.

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