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Singlecoils vs Humbuckers/replacing humbuckers with singles


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Personally I use humbuckers more but think both have their merits and probably like them fairly equally.

As for swapping out a humbucker for a singlecoil, you can either get a 'bucker-sized P90 or similar, or you can get mounting rings that allow an angled strat pickup to be placed in a humbucker route. It isn't hard by any stretch.

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I've seen those mounting rings for putting singles in a pickguard cut for humbuckers, but I have never used one. I almost did when I was renovating my Jagmaster but I changed my mind.

I probably prefer singles. I prefer the clearer sound, and I feel they respond better to picking nuances, which is a huge part of my (so-called) tone. That said, it depends on my mood. If I'm feeling bluesey, I go straight for the singles, but if I'm feeling a bit more jazzy, I go for the flatter, warmer sound of the 'buckers.

If I'm using and overdrive pedal, it's a neck humbucker all the way.

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I like the idea of single coils more, but then when i play a song/riff it almost always sounds better with a humbucker. but this is more to do with the type of music I play.

Both are good so id say single in the neck humbucker in the bridge (just like teh KurTdZ would have wanted it)?

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