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65 Mustang Re-issue Pickup Replacements


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Hi All.

Sorry to ask this question as i have no doubt it will have been covered on many occasions.

I have recently bought this guitar and absolutely love it to pieces.

The stock pups dont work for me, and i want to replace them with something that would give me a heavier sound. I play mostly ac/dc, nirvana style, and i want to know what is out there for me to get this sound.

I have heard that Seymour Duncan Little 59's are good, but then other people say these arnt right. Then i read somewhere about hotrails or antiquity, but there is so much out there it has overflowed my brain.

Bottom line is, what can i put in the neck and bridge to get a rock / heavy sound.

cheers for any advice forthcoming

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for heavy stuff I would get Seymour Duncans, the little 59 is good as are the hotrails that you mentioned. I use a Jb Jr and I love the sound, but it's all about what You like so just watch some youtube videos read some reviews. also take a look at Lace PU's I've heard they are good (even tho I have never used them they are worth looking into).

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after much more investigation, im now 99% sure im going down the route of the lace sensor pickups (red and blue) as it seems quite common the more i search for it. it also seems that these will fit straight into a re-issued mustang without a hitch.

can anybody (who has this set up) tell me what the sound is like please ?


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