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Discovered how to decide which distortion pedal you need

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Hehe I've seen that before. :P

You know, I'm tempted to get a HM-2 just to see what all the fuss is about. I've never actually played with one and you guys are always raving about them...

I have one...

It's nothing special really... but the EQ has a huge sweep which is awsome for QOTSA tones and some marshall-esque tones...

but as I said, nothing special, just a cheap half decent dist. pedal

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personally I like my DS-1, I can get a pretty good range out of it.

I had a B.C. Rich humbucker in the bridge of my Squier Bullet and I could go from: Nirvana to System of a Down; QOTSA to Sum 41; Foo Fighters to Megadeth. But I've recently switched to the DiMarzio Super Distortion, which with the DS-1 sounds kinda rough... does anyone have a suggestion on a good distortion pedal to go with the super distortion?

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How I decide is this: if you can play death metal on it, its suitable for me. I like EHX metal muffs, Zvex Box of Metals, BOSS metal zones, that kinda ####. And so long as you run it into a good amp (twin reverb/Twin amp/JCM 800) it sounds great.

I don't play death metal but I like a good gutsy distortion.

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