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Fender Mustang II Amp

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If I could have had something like that when I started out I woulda been stoked! All i had was a 10 watt Peavy.LOL

Now, 16 years later, I have great gear and would never buy this ####, but for beginners (the intended market I assume) it seems great IMHO!

I totally agree with that one dude

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Fender solid state(old analog/non digital), without distortion, is even better than ANY fender tube amp IMO. You just cant get cleans that nice with any tube amp! But soon as you hit the distortion its all harsh. They go ok with big muffs though if you set the B/M/T right...still not as nice as a tube amp but they can get you buy. The only ss amp I would gig with would be a Tech21 amp or a Sunn beta lead.

There's a lot of old amps like the beta lead that emulate tubes but IMO its easier to just buy a tube amp.

King Buzzo likes the Sunns, but he also uses JCM900's or any amp he feels inclined to actually. He's not hung up on tube vs ss like most of us are.LMAO

EDIT:Just found out the sunn beta lead is digital.LOL there goes my pre-conceived notions about digital amps.

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